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Industrial welded black steel pipe candle holders


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Industrial welded black steel pipe candle holders

I made these candle holders by welding recycled black steel pipe and recycled steel I-beam.  I use a hand held plasma cutter to cut up the I-beam.  I cut the pipe into pieces, and weld them onto the I-beam base.  I then weld sections of smaller pipe to the top… these smaller pipes are sized to hold standard taper candles (7/8″).

2 candle holders are shown in most of the pictures, however these are sold by the each.  You will get 1 candle holder (holds 4 candles) per order.


I make these from recycled materials, so the colors can vary quite a bit.  Sometimes the pipes and I-beam are quite rusted, while other sections still have the original black coating.  Once I apply the matte clear coat the pipes often darken, from brown into deep black.  Some of the welds are make with silicon bronze, so those welds have will have the usual gold/brass color or silicon bronze.


The pipes that hold the candles vary from around 3″ to around 10″, and the I-beam base is around 6″ long and around 5″ wide.  They weigh about 8 lb.

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 6 in


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