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Plasma Cut Hand Saw Tree Wall Art 9


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Plasma Cut Hand Saw Tree Wall Art 9

These are vintage (not new) hand saws that I have cut out using a hand held plasma torch.  I coat each with a matte clear coat to reduce the chance of rusting and maintain it’s appearance.

Each vintage saw is different, and has it’s own character.  And since I cut these by hand, each is unique, and you will choose the one that speaks to you.

This particular saw is a Superior, and has a wooden handle.

Some of the saws have been well taken care of. Most, however, come to me rusty, and at the end their useful life.

I do not attempt to restore the handles… I leave them pretty much as the last owner left them.  I do take a minute to clean them up with a scotchbrite pad, and then add a clear coat to match the blade.

Some blades and/or handles are marked through years of use, or with paint, or actual marker.  One or two of the blades have the factory labels still etched into them. Some are Disston, Craftsman, Superior, and some have no maker mark that I can find.


Most are around 29″ long, and the width varies from saw to saw.   I do have a few that are shorter, and I will either attach a picture of the saw with a tape measure, or state the length in the posting.

Each has a hole or notch at the top for hanging. The numbers on the blue tape are simply to help me keep track of my saw inventory.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 34 × 10 × 2 in


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